Where the Money Went: Rosarito Beach Condo Remodel


How Don and Gigi Maurizio spent the money on their Rosarito Beach remodel:


Demolition: $3,000

Scraping textured plaster walls: $500 (labor)

Staining beams: $500 (labor)

Cabinets: $7,200 (materials)

Tankless hot-water system and connections: $1,800 (materials)

Tile for floor, patio, shower and bath countertop, including grout: $7,700 (materials)

Granite countertop in kitchen: $2,000 (materials and labor)

Tube-type skylights for bathrooms: $500 (materials)

Glass block for windows, shower: $250 (materials)

Exterior doors, windows, screens: $2,000 (materials and labor)

Interior doors and hardware: $2,100 (materials)

Mirrors, mirrored closet doors: $700 (materials and labor)

Closet shelving systems: $300 (materials)

Sinks, toilets: $1,000 (materials)

Plumbing fixtures: $900 (materials)

Lighting, bathroom fans: $1,900 (materials)

Forced-air heater, ductwork and specialized vent covers: $2,000 (materials and labor)

Window coverings, shutters: $1,000 (materials)

Appliances: $3,200 (materials)

Fireplace gas logs and propane adapter: $340 (materials and labor)

Change/move plumbing and gas lines: $1,200 (materials and labor)

New electrical wiring, outlets and switches: $1,100 (materials and labor)

Painting: $1,500 (materials and labor)

Additional labor: $5,000

Miscellaneous and hardware: $5,200

Related costs

Duty fees to declare items at the border: $1,000

Gasoline/insurance for weekly trips: $4,000

Termite fumigation: $200

Lodging until condo was habitable: $2,000

Furniture and electronics: $6,800

TOTAL: $66,890

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  1. Sorina Likina

    Thanks for the heads up and putting all possible expenses in remodelling a condo unit. This is a good reference in the future.