Who do you recommend?

Wordart_4Has anyone done work on your home who deserves a “shout out”? An “atta boy” or “atta girl”? A pat on the back?

It’s funny how the incompetent people get all the press, while the good ones fade into obscurity. Let’s turn that around.

To help create a list of reader-recommended Southern California architects, designers, contractors, subcontractors and landscapers, please send in the following information about the honest, competent, noteworthy people who helped you with your home renovation project:

Type of company or trade: ______________________________

Company name: ______________________________

Contact person: ______________________________

Location: ______________________________

What they did for you: ______________________________

Why you recommend them: ______________________________

Please email this information to podblog@aol.com and I’ll create a running list of the home improvement professionals who deserve to get more work. Positive comments only!