Who says the refrigerator and freezer have to be joined at the hip?

BoschintegraWhen you set out to design your new kitchen, the first question you have to ask is: Where do we put the refrigerator/freezer? Why? Because the unit is so darn big and bulky, right?

But no longer does the hulking refrigerator have to restrict your layout options, at least not if you choose the new Integra refrigeration line from Bosch, which offers the refrigerator and freezer separately.

You can get each in various widths — refrigerators at 24 and 30 inches wide, freezers at 18, 24 and 30 inches wide — and put them in different spots, like on either side of a counter. You can also get wine coolers that are 18 or 24 inches wide. And, the hinges are reversible, so you can get the door to open the right way for you. Another bonus: the narrower units are much easier to get through doorways and up stairs.

This product line features eco-friendly options including: Sabbath Mode, during which the unit uses no energy; Economy Mode, which adjusts the temperature for extra efficiency; and Vacation Mode, which adjusts the temperature and disables water and lighting. And of course, as Bosch has long been a proponent of energy efficiency, these units are Energy Star rated.

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