Who will win ‘Design Star’?

Who will be the next Design Star?Last night, on HGTV’s “Design Star,” the three judges agreed this was the strongest group of finalists they’d seen yet.

I agree. And I wondered if they might just give all three finalists — Matt, Trish and Jennifer (seen here) — each their own show and be done with it. But the competition must continue, and last night Trish got the ax.

In case you’re not a “Design Star” fan, the show is based on designers competing with each other on various design challenges. Each week, one or two contenders are eliminated and then there is one, and that one gets his or her own show.

Past Design Star winners include Kim Myles, whose show is “Myles of Style,” and David Bromstad, whose show is “Color Splash.”

From what I’ve seen, Jennifer should win. She’s the real deal, both a talented designer and engaging personality. She’s got the sparkling personality of Season 2 winner Kim Myles, and the design talent of Season 1 winner David Bromstad.

Matt is also a good presenter, but I’m not sold on his design talents or experience.

Next week will be the final contest. How do you think it will turn out?

1 Comment on Who will win ‘Design Star’?

  1. Maria

    I think Matt will win because he has the most talent.
    If you look at his performance for the season he is hands down the best. I don’t even remember any outstanding design from Jen other than drawing leaves on a wall.
    There is a big difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Jen and Trish and just decorators.
    Matt is a designer. He has demonstrated that he can solve difficult problems with design solutions, safety, and style. I don’t recall neither Jen or Trish doing that so far. It’s about being creative and innovative, not just arranging furniture and accesories in a room. Anybody can do that.
    In fact I don’t eveny know why they are still around. They are so predictable.