Would This Make Your Cat Purr?

Cats get out without getting eaten.

Cats get out without getting eaten.

I’m not a cat person so I can’t judge this home-improvement innovation. Would your own kitty like a “cat run” like this for sunbathing, bird watching, tree climbing?

And all without the danger of getting eaten by coyotes and other howlers? I mean, why should dogs have all the fun in their runs?

What would your kitty think of all this?

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(Photo: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

3 Comments on Would This Make Your Cat Purr?

  1. Michael

    This is the only solution for many cat keepers. Too many people keep their cats confined to the house in the USA. It is understandable but far from satisfactory. Cat runs and enclosures are a good compromise although not ideal themselves.
    The ideal is a fully enclosed garden with climb proof walls. The alternative is to let your cat take risks and let her out. Possible danger yes but is that worse than a half life of imprisonment?

  2. Cassiopoea

    I only let my cat out in the back yard, and we have a high fence that she doesn’t jump — I’ve taught her that when she leaves the yard, I bring her right back into the house and won’t let her out again. She got the message.
    I think this would be a bit restrictive for her, now that she’s used to being able to roll around in the grass, but it does seem like a nice compromise for those living in coyote territory.

  3. Jeannie

    I do not think my cat would like it. She likes to run around free, and explore things on the ground. This would put her in proximity, but would prevent her from actually doing what she likes. Also, if a wolf or coyote were to come, it looks to me like they could easly squash that thing, although it may give her an advantage in squeaking away. If I lived in a high-coyote type area, I might consider getting such a thing.