Would You Sacrifice Square Footage for Charm?

Susan SerraWhen famed kitchen designer Susan Serra visited Copenhagen this month, she stayed in this apartment and sent back this photo.

In this living room, I was struck by the deep-set windows, which add so much charm. It creates a feeling of thick walls, and provides shelves for plants, flowers and other things of beauty, and provides a place for a wall heater (behind the table).

And then I realized that anyone could have charm like this by building up raised-panel boxes around the windows.

I suspect this architectural feature also has a practical function, providing space inside to run the utilities, like electrical wires, plumbing pipes and perhaps air contidioning ducts.

But even if these boxes were strictly for charm, would you be willing to give up the lost linear foot of floor space?

Below is the apartment’s kitchen with the same feature:

Susan SerraWhat say you about sacrificing floor space for style?

Also, if you can’t get enough of Danish style, check out Susan Serra’s company Bornholm Kitchen.

1 Comment on Would You Sacrifice Square Footage for Charm?

  1. Stuart Rubenstein

    Thanks so much for the helpful post. I would sacrifice square footage for charm. It’s the look that counts.