Your New Year’s remodeling resolutions?


I don’t smoke, drink or step on people’s feet. So what’s left to improve upon? My remodeling skills. My 2008 resolutions are:

To research my remodeling purchases more carefully. I tend toward impulsive purchases (I did this with my bathroom faucet) and later am unsure whether I chose wisely. Why not wait a little and think it over?
To get organized. I foresee a notebook for my remodeling projects with tabs for each room and pockets to hold brochures, color samples, receipts etc.
To try to save more money on my purchases. Again with the impulsive thing. I’m not sure I’m getting the best deal on things, and I want to experience some of the pride I sense in others when they find great deals.
To buy more things through Craigslist, the Recycler or other online classifieds. It doesn’t really fit my personality style — all that social contact is exhausting — but I had a good experience buying snow chains recently through Craigslist from a very nice fireman. So I’ll definitely give it a try for getting the Jacuzzi or claw-foot tub I’m looking for. It’s not only a money-saver, but it’s also the sustainable thing to do.

And finally, I resolve to keep going with my remodeling projects and not get intimidated. It seems like everything I’ve attempted has gone better than expected. Why would I doubt that more success is on the way?

How about you? What are your remodeling resolutions for 2008?

1 Comment on Your New Year’s remodeling resolutions?

  1. Brent

    I’m constantly lured by the excitement of starting a new task, so this year I’ve resolved to get tasks to an acceptable conclusion more often before I move on with the next task.