YouTube Video: Modest green remodel

The young couple who remodeled their home in an environmentally conscious manner — and documented it in this well-done nine-minute YouTube video — did so because of their desire to be part of the solution to global warming and environmental degradation. They believe that every dollar they spend means something in the world. They work with companies who pay a fair wage, for instance.

"We want to change the world," says the wife, J.D. Doliner, "we change the way we do business. So the companies we purchase our materials from are companies we believe are part of a better world."

Here are some of the green elements:

Roof tiles: Made from recycled rubber tires, along with other materials, guaranteed 50 years, though some refer to it as a "forever" roof.

Siding: James Hardie siding, which is basically wood chips in concrete, and is said to hold paint four times longer than wood.

Solar panels: Both for hot water (where the sun heats water directly) and for electrical generation. Electrical bills are now around $10, rather than $100.

Insulation: Sprayed-in foam to create an excellent air barrier, and made of soy rather than fiberglass.

Floor: Recycled timber from an old warehouse in Tennessee, which means the floor wood is hundreds of years old and adds character to the house.

Trim: All original trim was reused, and what needed to be created was milled from FSC-certified wood.

Solarium floor: Made with bricks recycled from the original kitchen steps, set in a herringbone pattern.

As the homeowners said: "We all wish for a better world."

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